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Made in JAPAN

“elements” is a project for us to explore various phenomenon and elements that exist around us in the process of creating things.
In fact, this is an attempt to analyze how we have interacted with the world, and to truly recognize that we too are one of the elements.


A “Swedish Torch” is a log stove which comes from a traditional lifestyle to survive the cold Scandinavian climate. The glass was blown in the crevice formed in the log after the fire burnt through it. This product was designed to reflect the organic form made by the fire.

北欧の寒い地方の暮らしの知恵である、丸太のストーブ「SWEDISH TORCH」。火が燃え切った後の丸太に痕跡として残った穴を木型に利用して、ガラスを吹く。 火がつくりだす有機的なフォルムを楽しめるプロダクト。


高さ 約28.5cm